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Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry 

To address the amount of border traffic this project will double the processing capability for pedestrians and additional truck lanes for the Otay Mesa import facility. The new campus design reorganizes the site to simplify navigation and craft better spaces for all users. New public-facing facilities are placed closest to the community and enhance the public streetscape. Behind these new buildings, the existing commercial truck processing area is expanded to improve traffic flow through the port. Pedestrian circulation is realigned to streamline movement through the site.

The re-imagined port is grounded in responsible, sustainable environmental design. New buildings feature highly energy- efficient envelopes and glazing systems that are fine-tuned to provide abundant daylighting to interior office spaces. Existing buildings salvage and reuse as much material as possible, and new buildings' exteriors are clad in durable, locally-sourced, and low-maintenance materials. Extensive
areas throughout the site that were previously paved with concrete or asphalt have been replaced with native, drought-tolerate landscaping, lowering the heat island effect in pedestrian areas and utilizing on-site harvested rainwater. Shade canopies over pedestrian paths support solar panels to offset the campus’ energy use.

Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry 2.JPG
Otay Mesa Land Port of Entry.JPG
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