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Foothill Gold Line Extension, Phase 2 

This extension Project consists of a 12.3 mile
Light-Rail Transit (LRT) extension that will extend light rail west - from Azusa Pacific University Station (terminus of previous Phase 1 extension) to a new terminus station in Montclair.

The scope of the work includes: 10 miles of existing freight track; 14 new bridges; MSE and CIP retaining walls; new storm drainage; utility improvements; 6 new passenger stations; traction electrician systems; traction power supply substations; overhead contact system; 22-grade crossings and adjacent roadway/traff ic signal improvements. The project includes 6 stations with associated parking facilities; modifications of existing bridge structures; numerous at-grade crossings with gate protection; and an extension of the Phase 2A power signaling and communications systems.

Foothill goldline extension (2).JPG
Black and white train pick (Goldline)_edited.jpg
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