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LAX Automated People Mover 

LAWA’s massive ongoing Utilities and Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) Enabling Projects include utility relocations; demolition of existing facilities; roadway improvements; and other enabling infrastructure improvements. The Project’s goal is to relieve congestion for people traveling to and from LAX. It encompasses 4 major elements: an elevated 2.25-mile Automated People Mover (APM); 2 Inter-modal Transportation Facilities (ITF); a Consolidated Rental Car facility (CONRAC); and a comprehensive series of

TQF provided comprehensive services including Quality Management, Inspection, Materials Testing, and Utility Locating on this wide-ranging complex project. Our team provided inspectors to staff a wide variety of
tasks that were ever-changing and different from the day-to-day as this project included various miscellaneous 
components under one umbrella.

LAX automated people mover (1).JPG
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