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Materials Testing 

With over 5,000 sf of laboratory space, they house one of the largest construction materials testing laboratories in California. The laboratory has a sample receiving area consisting of 1000 sf and a sample storage area of 1500 sf. It is equipped with a moist curing room, a fume hood, compressed air, de-ionized water, and other general utilities required for a certified facility. 

  • Concrete testing

  • Masonry Testing 

  • Aggregate Testing 

  • Bituminous Pavement Testing 

  • Structural & Reinforcing Steel Testing 

  • Fireproofing Testing 

  • Soil Testing for Geotechnical Engineering Applications 

Mobile Laboratory 

TQF owns self-sufficient and customizable mobile laboratories that are available to be mobilized to a job site in hours and arrive at the project site ready to perform testing within minutes.

Our mobile labs are fully equipped with internal power and water and are capable of being moved to various locations throughout the duration of a project to maximize their efficiency. 

With the large amount of construction-related, time-sensitive work that TQF performs, our laboratories understand the importance of effectively accomplishing efficient turnaround for testing. 

Mobile Laboratory.JPG
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