Subsurface Imaging 

The scope of our subsurface imaging services include:  

  • Topographic Survey | Mapping 

    • Topographic mapping shall include a one-foot contour interval, spot elevations, visible drainage structures, grade breaks (top & toe of bank, flowline, curb and gutter, etc.), edge of pavement. Drainage structures which can be accessed with be measurement for invert elevation and pipe size/type. In addition, TQF shall provide the elevation of the bottom of utility structures, boxes, vaults, man-holes, etc. TQF shall provide the horizontal positioning information in association of the Underground Utility Locator’s findings. ​

  • Utility Locating | Electro-Magnetic Locating (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) 

    • This scope of service will consist of performing an investigation of existing utilities within the outlined work area of the site. TQF will provide a lead utility location technician and an assistant technician if necessary, to monitor live utilities during location. Our technicians will utilize various techniques to identify the horizontal location of existing utilities.

  • CCTV Pipe Inspection

    • This scope of service will consist of performing an investigation of existing sanitary sewer lines & storm drain line within the outlined work area in Exhibit A. Envision Inc. shall provide a lead utility location technician to monitor live CCTV Camera during the utility investigation. Our technicians will utilize CCTV push camera to conduct a study and provide information of the condition of pipe and to note/identify any problematic areas and mark them on site. 

  • Potholing 

    • Our operation team will meet with client onsite to confirm the location of the actual pothole and review of as builds’. Our team will proceed to delineations onsite per pothole location​. Upon completion of documentation backfill and compaction will be performed at excavation site. Surface will be repaired with permanent patch/rapid set to construction best practices.

Subsurface Utility Location.JPG
pothole repair.jpg