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Subsurface Imaging 

Locating underground and above-ground, utilities can be challenging when working with an intricate city like Southern California. Our approach to accurately locate existing utilities included gathering all existing as-builts from all available sources including the responsible agencies and conducting field investigations to confirm the accuracy of as-builts. These are typically done utilizing the latest tools in technology for performing as-built surveys of actual utilities, plotting, pot-holing, etc. 

• Obtain utility maps to determine provider and service boundaries 
• Conduct a thorough site walk
• Conduct site assessment
• Perform field work conducting on-site
• Properly plot all information into base

• Right-of-way and adjoining facility areas 
• Conduct final walk-through and verification       of surface fixtures 
• Prepare final report, plans, maps, and any
Subsurface Utility Location.JPG
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