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Big Dalton Dam Rehabilitation

The  project will rehabilitate the sluiceway outlet on Big Dalton Dam to support flood control operations, promote stormwater capture and groundwater recharge, allow a safe emergency dewatering releases, and maintain a structurally-sound facility. Specific project activities include the following. On the upstream side of the dam reservoir bottom access road and work pad, a bypass pipeline into a 0.55 acre desilting basin, the sluice gate will be replaced with a hydraulic gate, a new debris rack, and existing corrugated metal pipe will be replaced with a concrete chute along west rim of reservoir. Downstream of the dam the repairs will occur at the following locations two existing dip crossings will be replaced with box culverts, a single span bridge will replace existing structure, dam apron and sluiceway repairs, a regulating valve will be installed at the sluiceway outlet, existing access road will be paved with Portland cement, and facility and miscellaneous repairs.

Big Dalton Dam.JPG
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